Welcome to Handles

What is Handles?

Are you tired of those never-ending crypto addresses? If your answer is no, then you must have the best memory known to man and the most unbreakable patience. If you answered yes like me and most sane people, then is the website for you. It allows for user friendly handles to resolve cryptocurrency addresses automatically for your wallet, which allows for human readable addresses that you can actually remember to map to complicated and long crypto addresses like

0x9d31e30003f253563ff108bc60b16fdf2c93abb5 → feyrea

  • For all of you book people out there, you will know exactly where the inspiration for the handle ‘feyrea’ came from.

This shortens that long address to a name of your choosing with only a few button clicks and keystrokes. So put your thinking caps on and let’s see who can come up with the best handle name!

How to Use It

The use of this website is simple and effective; it’s easy enough that even the least technologically savvy people- such as myself- can use it without any confusion or hassle. And after setting this up, you can get paid through visa debit and get crypto to your wallet as well!

To show you how easy it is, here it is explained in three simple steps.

Simple Payments for a Complicated Future

Handles allows for people to link their newly created Handles to friends and family by using the copy link button on any asset or just typing “/{ASSET}” at the end of their url and sending their link to the paying party. This link when opened will automatically open the party’s wallet with your address in the address send field, ready to put an amount and confirm. This is fully compatible with all wallets that follow the URI Payment Standard (all bitcoin wallets, all ethereum mobile wallets, most altcoin wallets). Should the wallet not follow the standard then the address will be displayed as a backup and for verification and security.

Alternatively, you go up into the search bar and type in the handle of the person you are trying to pay. For example, if you wanted to pay ‘feyrea’, you would simply type in , choose which payment method you want and voila, you have just given me money (yay!) without the hassle of a long address.

Accept VISA

Handles also integrates with Wyre to allow the payment to be done with a Visa Debit or Mastercard Credit Card. The payment will be made just like any other online transaction and the crypto will just show up in your wallet. Use it as an on ramp for friends, family or yourself. Or provide services payable in fiat but receive crypto automatically!

Support for ALL THE ASSETS

We dont tell you what you can and cant use, if you want to send cat token you should be able.

As such we try to support as many assets as possible and so we support both ETH, BTC, ERC20 tokens such as USDc, as well as many other assets such as Nano, Monero, BCH and ZCash.

Try Us Out

All in all, Handles is great for receiving payments for services and sending addresses that don’t take a year to read. So next time you and your friends are arguing who is going to pay for the pizza and how you will split the cost without all the service fees attached to transferring via a bank or an app, just pull up Handles and save the years off of your life you will lose to long addresses.






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