We are proud to announce our newest service Minty. Minty is a brand new tool with multiple improvements to the process for creating, distributing and selling Non Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum network. These NFTs created by Minty are automatically initialized with a ready to use market. The user sets the information required to create the NFT such as name, symbol, price and supply cap and then is able to link their newly created collectible assets to the world to purchase.

Why Minty?

Most other service providers are very lacking around a few key improvements that Minty makes. We will go through them and show you why our service is better than the rest.

No Pre-Minting Fees

Minty fresh NFTs are purchased and minted on demand. When the user purchases a Minty NFT, the NFT gets minted by the contract and sent. The creator does not need to pay for the gas fees to create the new NFT, does not need to list each NFT for sale and does not need to authorize any dapps control for the NFT collection. Just press mint and you’re done.

Deterministic Supply

You can set supply caps on the NFTs for purchase so that you and your users know how many will be minted. You can update this supply and the price for items such as tickets, collectible runs, real items or any other assets which you may want to be able to change the supply parameters, or you can set the controller for the Minty NFT to 0x0 and allow for your users to sleep knowing that not you, us or any other party can change the supply or prices for these NFTs.


We made Minty as streamlined as possible. Supply the name, symbol, picture, price, cap and hit mint. There are no other transactions to be done, no need to handle URI creation and no need to worry about the marketplace for the NFT.

Decentralization at it’s core

Minty has made sure that your NFT is as decentralized as possible. As such we use the IPFS protocol to store your NFTs info and images, so that if we go down, you fall into a hole or Amazon goes down your NFT keeps showing your cat pictures. State of the art decentralization for all the kittehs guaranteed. We control no part for your freshly minted NFT.

But what about the fees?

1% from sales. That’s it. No fee to mint other than the network fees, no fee for using our marketplace to list. We make money when you do.

So come try us out

Come try out Minty and make your own easy to use, create, buy and sell NFTs. It’s not an NFT unless it’s Minty fresh.


Here’s a doctopus to show how the marketplace will look to your users